At this years FloCon (Utah Fluids Conference) I put together a short workshop on stereo imaging and 3d imaging from structured light. Most of these tools are readily available on the web and Matlab even has dedicated libraries in the 2015 Computer Vision System Toolbox! I am putting a few of the resources from that workshop here for those who may also want to do stereo imaging and perhaps 3d scanning.

Camera Calibration

If you don’t have the cameracalibration toolbox installed you can download it and give and older version a try. If you have Matlab 2015 it comes with this toolbox if you have the Computer Vision System Toolbox installed.

Matlabs stereo calibration and scene reconstruction tutorial

Camera calibration video (Matlab)

Stereo camera app/gui (Matlab)

Stereo camera calibrator (Matlab)

Stereo Calibration images

Structured light: 3d scanning

A paper that describes several of the 3d scanning techniques that are used

A set of examples and gui interface for 3d scanning

MatLab Code