I am making the manuscripts listed on this page available to the academic community for use in teaching and research. The copyrights associated with each paper remain with the appropriate parties.


Stable-streamlined and helical cavities following the impact of Leidenfrost spheres: Publication in Journal of Fluid Mechanics

In November, our collaborators and we published the article “Stable-streamlined and helical cavities following the impact of Leidenfrost spheres” in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics. The abstract is below and the full article can be [...]

Three-dimensional microscopic light field particle image velocimetry, 2017

Abstract: A microscopic particle image velocimetry (μPIVμPIV) technique is developed based on light field microscopy and is applied to flow through a microchannel containing a backward-facing step. The only hardware difference from a conventional μμPIV [...]


Water exit dynamics of buoyant spheres, 2016

Abstract: Buoyant spheres released below the free surface can rise well above the surface in a phenomenon known as pop-up. Contrary to intuition, increasing the release depth sometimes results in a lower pop-up height. We [...]

Error propagation dynamics of PIV-based pressure field calculations: How well does the pressure Poisson solver perform inherently?, 2016

Abstract: Obtaining pressure field data from particle image velocimetry (PIV) is an attractive technique in fluid dynamics due to its noninvasive nature. The application of this technique generally involves integrating the pressure gradient [...]

The upside-down water collection system of Syntrichia caninervis, 2016

Abstract: Desert plants possess highly evolved water conservation and transport systems, from the root structures that maximize absorption of scarce ground water1,2,3,4,5, to the minimization of leaf surface area6 to enhance water retention. [...]

Crown sealing and buckling instability during water entry of spheres, 2016

Abstract: We present new observations from an experimental investigation of the classical problem of the crown splash and sealing phenomena observed during the impact of spheres onto quiescent liquid pools. In the experiments, [...]

The effect of ambient pressure on ejecta sheets from free-surface ablation, 2016

Abstract: We present observations from an experimental study of the ablation of a free liquid surface promoted by a focused laser pulse, causing a rapid discharge of liquid in the form of a [...]

Elastic spheres walk on water, 2016

Abstract: Incited by public fascination and engineering application, water-skipping of rigid stones and spheres has received considerable study. While these objects can be coaxed to ricochet, elastic spheres demonstrate superior water-skipping ability, but [...]


Mach Stem formation in outdoor measurements of acoustic shocks, 2015

Citation: Mach stem formation during outdoor acoustic shock propagation is investigated using spherical oxyacetylene balloons exploded above pavement. The location of the transition point from regular to irregular reflection and the path of [...]

Buckling instability of crown sealing, 2015

Abstract: There is no abstract available for this article. Citation and Link: Marston, J., Mansoor, M., Truscott, T., & Thoroddsen, S., Buckling instability of crown sealing, Physics of Fluids, 27, 091112, DOI: [...]

Matryoshka cavity, 2015

Abstract: Not available. Citation and Link: Hurd, R., Fanning, T., Pan, Z., Mabey, C., Bodily, K., Hacking, K., Speirs, N., & Truscott, T., Matryoshka cavity, Physics of Fluids, 27, 091104, DOI: 10.1063/1.4930902, [...]

Eggs and milk: Spinning spheres partially immersed in a liquid bath, 2015

Abstract: When a hard-boiled egg spins through a pool of milk on the kitchen counter, the milk rises up the sides of the egg and droplets are ejected. This phenomenon occurs when [...]


Water-skipping stones and spheres, 2014

Abstract: A highly deformable elastic sphere may bounce poorly on land, but it will skip spectacularly on water. Citation and Link: Truscott, T.T., Belden, J. & Hurd, R., “Water-skipping stones [...]

Three-dimensional flow measurements on flapping wings using synthetic aperture PIV, 2014

Abstract: We present the results of 3D velocity mea- surements of the flow fields around a free-flying painted lady butterfly (Vanessa cardui) and a tethered mechanical flapper using Synthetic Aperture PIV (SAPIV). [...]

Catastrophic cracking courtesy of quiescent cavitation, 2014

Abstract: Not available. Citation and Link: Daily, J., Pendlebury, J., Langley, K., Hurd, R., Thomson, S. & Truscott, T., “Catastrophic cracking courtesy of quiescent cavitation”, Physics of Fluids, 26, 091107, [...]

The water entry of slender axisymmetric bodies, 2014

Abstract: We present a study of the forces, velocities, and trajectories of slender (length/diameter = 10) axisymmetric projectiles using an embedded inertial measurement unit (IMU). Three nose shapes (cone, ogive, and flat) [...]

Water entry of projectiles, 2014

Abstract: The free-surface impact of solid objects has been investigated for well over a century. This canonical problem is influenced by many physical parameters, including projectile geometry, material properties, fluid properties, and [...]


Air-coupled impact-echo delamination detection in concrete using spheres of ice for excitation, 2013

Abstract: The aims of this paper are to demonstrate that ice can be used as a suitable impactor to excite the acoustic modes in concrete associated with delaminations and to compare ice [...]

A new angle on water entry, 2013

Abstract: Not available. Citation and Link: Bodily, K., Langley, K., Huey, J. & Truscott, T.T., “A new angle on water entry.” Physics of Fluids, 25, Iss. 9, DOI: 10.1063/1.4820125, September 2013. [...]

Cavitation of a submerged jet, 2013

Abstract: A cavitation cloud forms when a high-pressure water jet is submerged in a tank of quiescent water. The water jet is formed as high-pressure nitrogen forces a fixed-volume column of water [...]

Determining 3D flow fields via multi-camera light field imaging, 2013

Abstract: In the field of fluid mechanics, the resolution of computational schemes has outpaced experimental methods and widened the gap between predicted and observed phenomena in fluid flows. Thus, a need exists [...]

Physics of elastic spheres skipping on water, 2013

Abstract: It is well known that one can skip a stone across the wa- ter surface, but less well known that a ball can also be skipped on water. The Waboba?R is [...]


Rebound and jet formation of a fluid-filled sphere, 2012

Abstract: This study investigates the impact dynamics of hollow elastic spheres partially filled with fluid. Unlike an empty sphere, the internal fluid mitigates some of the rebound through an impulse driven exchange [...]

Holy balls! Balls that walk on water, 2012

Abstract: Not available. Citation and Link: Truscott, T.T., Wright, M.M., Langley, K.R., & Belden. J., “Holy balls! Balls that walk on water.” Physics of Fluids, 24, 091103; DOI: 10.1063/1.4746071, September 2012. [...]

Unsteady forces on spheres during free-surface water entry, 2012

Abstract We present a study of the forces during free-surface water entry of spheres of varying masses, diameters, and surface treatments. Previous studies have shown that the formation of a subsurface air [...]

Three-dimensional bubble field resolution using synthetic aperture imaging: application to a plunging jet, 2012

Abstract: A methodology for resolving three-dimensional (3D) bubble fields using 3D synthetic aperture imaging (SA imaging) is developed and applied to the bubbly flows induced by a turbulent circular plunging jet. 3D [...]


Water entry of spinning hydrophobic and hydrophilic spheres, 2011

Abstract: An experimental investigation of the trajectories, forces and cavity formation behind spinning hydrophobic and hydrophilic spheres is presented. Several cases are also presented for non-spinning spheres which are half hydrophobic and [...]


Three-dimensional synthetic aperture particle imaging velocimetry, 2010

Abstract: We present a new method for resolving three-dimensional (3D) fluid velocity fields using a technique called synthetic aperture particle image velocimetry (SAPIV). By fusing methods from the imaging community pertaining to light [...]

Oil droplet in alcohol, 2010

Abstract: Not available. Citation and Link: La Foy, R.R., Belden, J., Truscott, T.T., Shih, A.M. & Techet, A.H., Oil droplet in alcohol, Physics of Fluids, 22, 032102, DOI: 10.1063/1.3483217, September 2010.

The water entry of decelerating spheres, 2010

Abstract: We present the results of a combined experimental and theoretical investigation of the vertical impact of low-density spheres on a watersurface. Particular attention is given to characterizing the sphere dynamics and [...]


A spin on cavity formation during water entry of hydrophobic and hydrophilic spheres, 2009

Abstract: Surface coating and impact velocity can dramatically affect cavity formation during water entry of spheres. Duez et al. [Nat. Phys.3, 180 (2007)] present a theoretical limit, dependent on impact velocity and surfacestaticwetting angle, [...]

Water-entry of spinning spheres, 2009

Abstract: The complex hydrodynamics of water entry by a spinning sphere are investigated experimentally for low Froude numbers. Standard billiard balls are shot down at the free surface with controlled spin around [...]


The water-entry cavity formed by low Bond number impacts, 2008

Abstract: Not Available Citation and Link: Aristoff, J.M., Truscott, T.T., Techet, A.H. & Bush, J.W.M., The Water-entry cavity formed by low bond number impacts. Physics of Fluids 20, 091111, DOI:10.1063/1.2973662, September 2008. [...]


Cavity formation in the wake of a spinning sphere impacting the free surface, 2006

Abstract: Not Available Citation and Link: Truscott, T.T. & Techet, A.H., Cavity formation in the wake of a spinning sphere impacting the free surface. Physics of Fluids 18, 091113, DOI: 10.1063/1.2335903, September [...]