Stable-streamlined and helical cavities following the impact of Leidenfrost spheres: Publication in Journal of Fluid Mechanics

In November, our collaborators and we published the article “Stable-streamlined and helical cavities following the impact of Leidenfrost spheres” in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics. The abstract is below and the full article can be found here. Enjoy! We report results from an experimental study on the formation of stable–streamlined and helical cavity wakes following the free-surface [...]

July 19th, 2020|2017, Media, News|

Three-dimensional microscopic light field particle image velocimetry, 2017

Abstract: A microscopic particle image velocimetry (μPIVμPIV) technique is developed based on light field microscopy and is applied to flow through a microchannel containing a backward-facing step. The only hardware difference from a conventional μμPIV setup is the placement of a microlens array at the intermediate image plane of the microscope. The method combines this [...]

April 6th, 2017|2017, Publications|