“A new angle on water entry” Article Published in Physics of Fluids

On September 18, 2013 our lab was published in Physics of Fluids (Vol.25, Issue 9).  The article is called: "A new angle on water entry" by Kyle Bodily, Ken Langley, Jordan Huey, and Tadd T. Truscott. To read the article click HERE. Media Coverage: BYU

September 24th, 2013|PastProjects|

Cavitation of a Submerged Jet: Publication in Experiments in Fluids

The article Cavitation of a submerged jet was published in Experiments in Fluids in June. The abstract is below. A cavitation cloud forms when a high-pressure water jet is submerged in a tank of quiescent water. The water jet is formed as high-pressure nitrogen forces a fixed-volume column of water through a nozzle. The diameter and [...]

June 20th, 2013|PastProjects|

Sloshing Dynamics

Professor Tadd Truscott along with Masters Student Robert Klaus and undergraduate Taylor W. Killian investigate the impact dynamics of hollow elastic spheres partially filled with fluid in a research paper and podcast featured on Physics of Fluids. Unlike an empty sphere, the internal fluid mitigates some of the rebound through an impulse driven exchange of [...]

May 1st, 2013|PastProjects|

Eggs in Milk

A hard-boiled egg spinning on a countertop and passing through a puddle of milk draws milk up the side of the egg and then ejects it at the maximum radius.  This same phenomenon occurs for any partially submerged spinning object whose radius increases upward from the fluid surface (e.g., [...]

September 17th, 2012|PastProjects|

Bouncing in Puddles

When a ball is dropped into a puddle, momentum is exchanged between the impacting ball and the surrounding fluid, decreasing the rebound height. At impact, a radial jet and splash curtain are formed as fluid is instantaneously displaced by the falling ball. During rebound, the splash curtain is drawn in and a column of fluid [...]

July 13th, 2012|PastProjects|

Water Entry of Spheres

From Dynamics of Water Entry by Tadd T. Truscott, Jeffrey M. Aristoff, Alexandra H. Techet & John Bush, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The videos illustrate the hydrodynamics associated with water-entry of spheres, which can be highly variable with respect to their material and kinematic properties. The first video, contrasts the nature of impact between a [...]

July 12th, 2012|PastProjects|

Alcohol and Oil

The patterns formed by droplets falling through a different liquid was studied over a century ago. We perform similar experiments here, whereby droplets of naphthenic oil approximately 3 mm in diameter are released from several heights into a container filled with isopropyl alcohol. The oil is denser than and miscible in the alcohol, which results [...]

July 12th, 2012|PastProjects|